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Children Care

Having superior baby and kids care line as priority dates back to the very idea of D+FISHER existence. We have quite extensive pipeline of products which are to be launched over next one year. The mainstay of these products is most of them are based on very promising ingredient of Colostrum and carefully selected ingredients that have been used and tested efficacy over long period of history.

Children care is very specially area that you have to be 99.9% sure of safety along with efficacy. That is what D+FISHER concept is; ensure the safety first before proving any health benefits that users will get from the product.

Our children line is mostly based on natural compounds with extra emphasis on using environmentally clean ingredients in every product and every time.


Key feature

Sore throat and protection against virus and microbes based on Lactoferrin and PRP.

Package form

30 ml spray


Key feature

Colostrum rich formula for development and growth.

Package form

20g sachets


Key feature

Helps to improve the immune system and normalize growth process. Rich with immunoglobulins and vitamins.

Package form

5 vials 50 ml


Key Feature

Nappy rash cream and daily skin care. It helps heal, soothe and protect skin.


50 g and 100 g squeeze tubes

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