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Access to Medicines

D+FISHER is committed to offering medicines that are meant to change people’s life for better making it easy to enjoy the activities we are used to doing. As part of that, we aspire to contribute to a healthy environment by mindfully incorporating environmental sustainability into our business.


The products we offer require the use of valuable resources, including energy, water, and raw materials. The operations we carry out can result in big impact on nature. 


D+FISHER takes a holistic approach to understanding and managing our environmental impacts throughout whole process from sourcing to delivery to the last patient. To operate sustainable, we are committed to conducting our business in an environmentally, socially, and financially responsible manner.


Health is a valuable asset that we should all protect and preserve. The role of pharmaceutical companies and life-sciences in today’s industrialized world is enormous.


D+FISHER is committed to enhancing access to our medicines irrespective of geography we are present in.

D+FISHER is very mindful of its management of patients’ requirements. Facilitating access and fostering patient relations, we endeavor to close the gap between us and users of our products. As our reach goes across various countries with substantial purchasing power parity difference, we make sure that the affordability of our medicines are in line with local conditions.


We advocate differential price policy and are committed to learning the requirements we face and deal with it in the interest of our patients.

Looking for future

Our children line is mostly based on natural compounds with extra emphasis on using environmentally clean ingredients in every product and every time.

Caring the carer

We do our best to find the best cures and develop best products to help women enjoy their life.


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