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health can be regained and made better for everybody

For General Information, please contact us via e-mail:

Looking for future

Our children line is mostly based on natural compounds with extra emphasis on using environmentally clean ingredients in every product and every time.

Caring the carer

We do our best to find the best cures and develop best products to help women enjoy their life.



Making the difference in every step we take

We are working every minute to add the products to our portfolio that will make difference in people’s lives. Our range of products under development include gynecology, ophthalmology, child care and gastroenterology.

Our Products
Etigen Gel

Helps to improve the immune system and normalize growth process. 

Building vaginal flora and fighting against vaginal bacteria and fungi.

Sore throat and protection against virus and microbes.

The medicines in this class are only to be released by prescription

Follow us to keep up-to-date on great development projects and product news. You can contact us to obtain detailed reports based on news releases.

Products in this list can be released without prescrip-tion. We encourage you to consult with healthcare providers.

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